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Homeowners Insurance Inventory

In the fast-growing city of Parker, CO, it's easy for details to get lost in the rush of your everyday life

Work with HL Insurance and the Insurance Information Institute (III) to keep your coverage as effective as possible

Keeping a recent inventory of your assets can be time-consuming and complex, discouraging many from taking advantage of the many benefits this documentation can bring.  Tracking down everything you own and having all the necessary information can be a major headache—but imagine the stress of filing a claim on behalf of your household without it.

The team at HL Insurance works to make sure you never experience that headache, which is why we highly encourage all clients with home insurance to take advantage of the homeowners insurance inventory process.  Never get caught with inadequate information so that in the event of an unforeseen disaster, your claims process is efficient and your life will be restored.

Courtesy of our friends at the Insurance Information Institute (III)the Know Your Stuff® software program makes it easy and fast for you to take inventory inside your home.  From mapping your home to supplying information and adding pictures, the process is streamlined, but even more effective.  Better yet, your data is readily-accessible and updatable, meaning that as you live and grow in Parker, your inventory will keep up with you.

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Interested in using Know Your Stuff® from the III?  Click below to sign up!


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Are you a smartphone user?  Read on below:

As smart phones and mobile devices become more common, the III has made Know Your Stuff® free for all iPhone and Android device users.  Whether at home in Parker or traveling across the country, you can immediately access to your account whenever you need to.  Just lay out the design of your home, input an item's information, and snap a picture on your smartphone to keep up-to-date.  For more information, click the button:


If you would still like to keep inventory, but not on your computer or smartphone, we have provided a homeowners insurance inventory sheet below for free download.  Explore your home, touring each room to account for the respective assets throughout.  Next, keep both digital files and print copies with yourself, as well as close family and friends for safe keeping.  If we can help, feel free to give us a call at 720-343-7449 or contact us online.

   Download Homeowners Insurance Inventory Sheet (XLSX)   

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HL Insurance in Parker, CO strives to provide more than just reliable home insurance, but also educate our clients and provide security benefits that truly make the difference.  If you live in neighboring Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Centennial, and throughout the Denver area, we encourage you to request a quote today to begin the dialogue on how to best secure you, your family, and your home.

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